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Photoshop masking Service is the fundamental action of image transforming. Graphic Experts Online is committed to delivering the highest quality work for each and every one of our jobs. That’s why our photo masking is guaranteed to be absolutely perfect! We’re ready to take on the challenge of your job and provide you with the flawless, pixel-accurate masking that you need in order to spice up your photographs and impress colleagues and customers with your quality custom graphics.

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Photo Masking Explained

First, what is a mask? In image editing lingo, a mask is a special type of selection, used to mark out part of an image. Masks can be saved and loaded. They’re often used to prevent accidental edits or to restrict the action of brushes. You might use a digital mask the way you would use masking tape in a real painting — the tape *masks* off parts of the canvas and prevents you from painting over them. For most of our customers, our masks are loaded as selections and used to separate a subject from its background.

Our delivery options can be adjusted to meet your needs. We’re happy to provide our work PSD’s with the masks intact alongside web-optimized formats containing isolated subjects or backgrounds. We have a skilled and devoted photo retoucher’s team who takes care of diversity services of image processing like  Deep Etching, photo enhancement, photo manipulation, Photo Editing, raster to vector or image shading and so on. Let us know how we can help speed your project along!

How Can I Use Image Masking?

A mask is a selection — a pixel-accurate selection that can be loaded and saved. This makes editing very easy. You can use it to select the part of your image, copy and paste it to another document, remove background, and apply special lighting effects and other edits to just one part of an image. Masks allow you to unleash the full power of your imagination when it comes to photo editing!

Masking Versus Clipping

Unlike our clipping path service, our Photoshop masking service makes use of automation when appropriate to save you time and money. Because we use the latest digital techniques, we can quickly mask off hair, smoke and other transparent and translucent parts of your image. If you have a very simple subject you’d like a selection of with a strong, clear outline, you may want to consider our clipping then Photoshop masking. Our photo retoucher team will provide pixel-perfect results in either case, and we’re happy to advise you about which service is best for your image.

” Any problem can be made clearer with a picture,” says Dan Roam, business guru.

Here are some examples of projects we can make even clearer with our photoshop masking service:

 Separate a model from background while preserving complex hair detail

 Isolate a complex product with lots of edge detail for further edits

 Select areas of an image while preserving smoke, translucency and other soft effects

 Apply effects selectively across an image — leaving a subject in color while making a background black and white, for example

 Add subtle lighting effects to help differentiate a subject from its background

 and much more!

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