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Color correction services of Graphic Experts Online are guaranteed to bring out the very best in your photographs and images. Don’t let your pictures be brought down by poor tonal balance, levels or exposure. Our affordable rates, fast turnaround and guaranteed satisfaction make us the best service on the internet.

What is Color Adjustment?

Your images are stored on your computer as a collection of thousands of tiny, colored dots. Each dot has a numerical color value assigned to it that tells your computer how to draw it on your screen. Our color correction service uses advanced algorithms to edit the distribution of these numerical values across your entire image.

Often, when you take a photograph, you won’t have perfect light. You also won’t have perfect shadow. That means that the brightest part of your image will often be about 75% of your computer’s brightest pixel. Your darkest part will often be very bright grey. Because the tonality in your image is limited to this small range between bright grey and off-white, it will appear drab, lackluster and uninspired.

Color Adjustment algorithms can correct this and much more. By editing the distribution of various colors, our technicians can ensure that your image utilizes the whole color spectrum, making it vibrant and full of life. We can also remove unsightly tints, compensate for poor or colored lighting, reduce overblown colors and compensate for errors in the exposure of your image.

What Is Color Correction Used For?

Color Correction
Color Adjustment

Color correction improves the look and feel of an image. It’s used when you’re unhappy with your photograph because of how it feels — or when you just want a picture to look its absolute best. Our professional customers use color correction on almost every image they print. Some of our customers, however, just want to make sure that their special photographs look as good as they can. When they look back on their wedding, vacation or event, they’ll remember it being rich, vibrant and full of energy.

What Images Are Eligible For Color Correction?

Almost every single photograph — even those taken by professionals — can make use of a little color adjustment. While tinted, over/underexposed, poorly lit or drab images are obvious candidates, images that seem fine at first glance can still get a boost from color correction.
Depending on your project, it can be especially helpful to provide the original files your camera uses for our work. Many cameras save additional data in these files that allow us to manipulate your image better and keep it true to the day it was taken. When these files are compressed and converted, this data is lost.

Color correction isn’t just for photographs. While original digital art compositions very rarely benefit much from color correction, scans and photographs of physical art usually do.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want your pictures to look as good as possible, you can’t go wrong with our color correction service. Our great prices, fast turnaround and committed staff ensure that you’ll be incredibly happy with our work. Best of all, we guarantee your satisfaction — if you don’t like your picture after it’s been corrected, send it back and we’ll do it again, free. Want to judge the quality of our service, Please run a A FREE-TRIAL