Know More to Get Photoshop Clipping Path, Background Removing and other Photo Editing Services Easily !!

How do you guarantee low-cost services?

We get the highest benefit of low production/operational cost area Dhaka, Bangladesh from where we comprise a team of highly expert who is extremely prompt into the services we make while motionless maintain high-quality productivity.

All the experts we comprise are highly capable with more than a few years of experience into the ground and we verify all photos for at least three times previous to delivery. Initially, we’ve got squad leaders who take care of the professionals on how they are functioning, though they are in the right way. Upon conclusion, we’ve QC (quality controller) who ensures all photos one after one and then we sending those images to the client.

Once you accept our quote, we generate a statement and send it to you through email. The statement contains all the particulars adding a payment link like “Click here to pay”. Just click on the link and it’s redirected you to PayPal site where you have to pay by your PayPal account or debit/credit card. You also can sign in to your account at any moment, if you have any due you also can pay in the same way.

We allow payment through PayPal. You have to pay through your PayPal account, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Visa, American Express, Director Solo Debit. You also can transfer cash into our USA account. For USA clients a cheque might be sent into our USA administrative center

Yes, if you want then you can. Those of our clients, who require our service repeatedly, they have the option to pay weekly or as well as monthly. Each time you place/set an order, we include a new-fangled item to the statement through all the details. Consequently, you know accurately how many pictures we are proceeding and all the applicable info previous to your pay.

At Graphics Experts Online, your photos are handled by highly experienced experts and we don’t anticipate this to occur. Though, in the unlucky event, just inform us by an email describing the trouble and your requisite. We will rebuild that photo(s) again for you through high intensity of priority without additional cost.

It could not be easier. We allow three kinds of file transfer techniques.

  • Our online up loader. It permits you to download, upload, re-size, move, delete, rename files etc. You obtain entrance on it through signing into your account.
  • FTP account. Send us a request for getting FTP account and then we will generate it for you in a hour. You also can utilize your personal FTP account. In this case merely let us identify your signing details and we will save your photos robotically.
  • Email. You also can send your photos through email if it is into usually 10MB.

Do you have any minimum order requirements?

No, if you desire then you can send any amount of photos. It’s not a matter that it is just 15, 10, 5 or just 1 photo. We all the time understand your business and always try to give as most excellent service as promising.

Yes completely! Utilize the “Request Quote” form to transfer your photos. We will obtain back to you into an hour through your quote.

Well, turning time based on the dimensions of image and the difficulty stage. Though, we carry most of our works within 24 hours. You have to wait to get up to 500 photos (middle difficulty) into 24 hours. For instance 50 photos, you have to wait 6 to 12 hours. If it is 5, 10 or 20 photo, we might deliver in just an hour.

Our offshore outsource manufacture staff works 24/7 and 365 days into a year.

Yes! To permit you judge our excellence, we propose FREE TRIAL option for two image. To affect for free trial, you require signing up and logging into your account. Upload your photos and fill up the easy “Free Trial” form. In the majority cases we obtain back to you within the done trial photo into 12 hours.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

We utilize the server through unlimited space and your FTP or account is place to unlimited. As a result you be able to upload any quantity of file you desire. Though, if you utilize our online up loader to send your photos, you are able to still upload any quantity of file at one time but every file size must be under than 64 MB.

It based on your condition. We give any type of format you request. If you require clipping path just then JPG through clipping path is well. But if you provide us TIFF or other format, we send back you in the same arrangement except you request us to alter. If you require masking service, we might send you PNG file by clear background. If you’ve any particular prerequisite, just let us inform and we will be very pleased to help you.

What file category can I send you?

We allow any sort of file. It might be JPG, PSD, TIFF or EPS. Conversely, to keep your uploading moment with ours, we advise you to send the JPG file if it’s acceptable through your all requirements.

Obviously not at any condition.

Yes, obviously. All our workers are signed into a bond. Your photos will not be out of the office at any condition. Our apparatuses are also secluded through the firewall for together inbound & outbound safety and we have the most recent anti-virus defense for all PC.

Yes, obviously. We generate own FTP account for every customer through diverse username and password. Just you and we can access your FTP account.

“Will you set a white background into my photos if I require?”

Yes absolutely, and without additional cost. Just let us inform that you want to set the white background. Then we will make the background white and give it back to you.

“How do I send if I have thousands of images?”

You are able to copy all your photos into a hard disk or into DVDs to send to our manufacture office straight. Contact us for more information.

Any more questions about images editing services? Contact us. We will be very pleased to give your answer!