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Raster to Vector Image Tutorial

There are a number of methods of image raster to vector image tutorial into Photoshop. Let’s explain to you several.

1. First, select a raster image what you imagine would be first-class example for this raster to vector image tutorial or just save the photo into your laptop I utilized below for these tutorial purpose and place it into your Illustrator plan.
2. Press “P” into your keyboard or Choose Pen Tool from the tool box minimally to pick it.
3. Go to the color palette= select red color and then pick stroke weight among 0.25 pt – 0.50 pt.
4. Press on the border of the photo and go to your mouse ahead slightly, let go the mouse. Following a typical distance, click again on the border of the photo and carry on the similar mode until you achieve to the destination. Previously you’ve come to the opening position; “O” symbol will come into view. Now press on it to shut the path.
5. Previously you’ve finished path, click “Shift+X” into your keyboard or would perform through departing color palette in arrange to shift strock color in fill up color.
6. Now you are pleased through the form, erase the unique photo and place the color you desire to apply. You might require practicing for only some day’s sketch path utilizing pen / path tool so as to draw precise formed clipping path.
Hope that, the above tutorial will assist you learning vector conversion.

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